Vitamins, Topical Creams, and Laser Lights

With the right routine Hair Loss can be stopped in its tracks and/ or even rejuvenated to grow thicker.

Multi-therapeutical approach is best for maxium results with a very strict daily routine. Combining vitamins, a topical appication to low density hair areas, and adding Laser Light treatments. We can work with you to see what program would best suit your stage of loss.

Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories products for topical treatements are SLES FREE, Paraben Free, and Dermatologically Tested. Offering programs to prevent hair loss, regulate sebum, and moistize dandruff with essential oils, gemstones, and plant stem cells.

Havogen 5 Patch

  • Inhibits the 5- Alpha- Reductase
  • Inhibits the radicals formation
  • Brings Nutrients to the bulb
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Fortifies the hair shaft


  • Technologically Advanced Laser Hair Therapy Device for Home Use.
  • FDA-Cleared.
  • Safe and Effective.

Laser hair therapy, (also known as Laser Phototherapy– LPT), is one of the most powerful and effective treatments for hair restoration. Requires no prescription, and does not involve medication that may trigger harmful side effects. Two 20-minute sessions can give major results .

LPT Power Proven to Stimulate Hair and Restore Cellular Activity

Coherent Laser Light
Engineered with 80 lasers optimized to stimulate hair follicles without generating heat.
Maximum Efficiency and Comfort
Ensures maximum treatment efficiency by generating less than 1° C of heat during each session.
Penetration and Absorption
Achieves optimal scalp penetration that reaches base of hair follicles for powerful, effective energy absorption.
Proven Reliability
Custom-made and tested laser diodes designed to last 6,000 operational hours – equivalent to 18,000 treatments.
Maximum Scalp Coverage
Treats all areas affected by androgenetic alopecia for best possible results.
Safety and Comfort
Designed for safe and comfortable use, with zero side effects.
Optimized Wavelength
Stimulates hair follicles with a clinically proven wavelength specifically effective for hair growth.
Cost Effective
Offers lowest cost per laser and highest dosage per treatment.

LPT Stabilizes Hair Loss, Thickens Hair and Starts New Hair Growth

Clinically Tested
Proven to benefit 98% of participants that complied with treatment protocols.
Made in USA
Manufactured in Silicon Valley, CA.
Clinically tested and FDA-cleared as safe and effective for OTC sale in the US.
ISO/IEC Compliance
Complies with international standards – does not emit dangerous radiation.
Physician Recommended
Recommended by leading worldwide hair restoration specialists and dermatologists.
CE Mark
Authorized for sale and export within the European Marketplace.

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